Final papers

The following is a list of possible topics for your final papers. You are also welcome to pursue a topic of your own choosing (subject to approval by December 1):

  1. Compare pictorial representations of a particular episode by Dante’s Divine Comedy’s various illustrators (e.g. Botticelli, Blake, Dorè, Dalì)
  2. Compare the moral systems that emerge in two of the authors/texts read for this class
  3. Compare two female characters in Boccaccio’s tales
  4. Assess Machiavelli’s debt to Dante in The Prince
  5. Your own topic


Your paper will be around 1000 word long and will be posted in our blog (category: Final paper, tags and images of your choice). Please draft your paper in a Word document before posting it and send it to me by December 22.

Make sure your paper contains:

  1. Title.
  2. Brief introduction to your topic.
  3. Two or three paragraph that compare, analyze, make an argument (use quotations and use secondary source to support your argument).
  4. A conclusion that summarizes without repeating the exact same sentences you have used in your introduction. Your conclusion might even ask more questions.