The assignments for this class are the following:

  1. Careful reading of the assigned texts and active participation in class discussions: Participation is essential to your success in this class. Participating means interacting with the instructor and with your classmates, not just being online. I appreciate if you can keep your camera on, but if you decide not to do so there are ways to show that you are paying attention (chat, reactions, and oral comments). (25% of final grade)
  2. A series of writing assignments, including routine blog posts (5 post, 10% of final grade).
  3. A group presentation on a secondary source or digital project (10% of final grade).
  4. A mid-term, in-class examination: the exam will consist of questions on the content of the texts read so far. It is scheduled on October 14. Students are required to join the class meeting on Zoom and keep their cameras on while taking the test. (15% of final grade).
  5. A final, in-class examination. Our two-hour final exam, with questions on the content of the texts studied during the entire semester and essay questions, is scheduled on December 21 at 8.00 am. (20% of final grade).
  6. A final paper/blog post of 1000-2000 words (20% of final grade).